Dear Beksinski Art Lover!

Unexpected to all of us outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 worldwide made already huge impact on multinational companies large and small - like ours. We are not an exception. Our sales plummeted and what is worst many countries blocked any incoming postage traffic - excluding the large courier companies.

We always strive to provide value first and solid shipping method that we used already for many years - second.


We will continue doing so once the world will be saved by all of us.


But we can not use priority shipment for the time being. We do hope that this will change in April and we will resume delivering using this proven methods.

End of February and March sales got affected and now we are experiencing quite a few returns.

This week alone we will have around 40-50 undelivered orders coming back from as far places as Australia - or our main market - the USA.
We already paid for the shipping and we will have to pay for the returns as well. And we understand that it is nobody fault.

Maybe COVID-19’s fault.

What we offer is to repackage your orders and ship it to you the economy way - which will take much more time - BUT it will get to you.
We will have to pay for that as well. It is understood that on those returns we will lose any profit planned. But we shall try to deliver your purchases at NO additional cost to you.

Should you want to donate to our operation any funds, we will be humbled. You can do that using paypal to an email address:

Thank you for understanding and your continuous support of great Art created by Master Beksinski.

From our hearts, we wish you to stay safe and healthy. It shall pass.


UPDATED on May 1th, 2020


Dear Friends,

Still no word as if airlines will resume flights any time soon. Just got the bad news, that Polish Airline that is used by Priority Polish Postal Service will NOT fly anywhere till at least last day of May 2020.


So we stick to our decision to send packages containing small books, posters with economy shipping method. It will take longer, BUT it works!


Some of the large orders - over 222 USD we sent by still operating couriers and take a loss on the sale, BUT retain YOU as a loyal client.


Should you want your order expedited with courier regardless of price paid - we recommend to write to us to: A tube containing four posters to USA or Australia will cost 60 USD!


We will not close our store.

Please bear with us those difficult times.




The Management


As of May 5th 2020 some guidelines as to what we can ship priority and what we can not.